Do you have regular office hours during community quarantine?

No because we try minimize in-store visits due to COVID concerns, so we encourage you to take advantage of our revamped website and transaction online. Deliveries can then be arranged.

For rental costumes, you can verify fit using the size guide. Many customers are good with that arrangement (and pay online to reserve). Costumes can then be picked up personally or via Grab/Lalamove.

If personal visit cannot be avoided then give us a call for an appointment and we will meet at the shop. Please call 0917-5216828.

What are your payment methods?

For your convenience we accept these payment methods:  Call us for details.

  • Cash
  • Bank (BDO,BPI)
  • GCash
  • Paypal

Should I make an appointment before going to your shop?

Yes, specially at this time of COVID.  We don't accept walk-ins for now.

Does your shop have parking?

No.  Luna Mencias St. is a Mabuhay Lane.  So you can park at the nearest mall, about 2 blocks away.  Shaw Center Mall has basement parking.

Courier Services

What courier do you use?

  • We use LBC, Grab Express, or Lalamove, depending on your location. Not all items can be shipped so call us first to make sure.
  • LBC ships nationwide and usually takes 1-6 days depending on location.
  • Grab Express and Lalamove does same day delivery but is available in Metro Manila only.

Can I have Grab or Lalamove pickup my costume? 

Yes. Coordinate with us the time you will have Grab/Lalamove pick up the item and again once you have booked a ride.  Add a NOTE to the rider, WHAT item to pickup, and WHO ordered the item. This is to avoid picking up the wrong item.

Measurement Taking

Do you have a measurement guide?

Please measure without allowances. If infant, measure with diaper on.  When measuring circumference, like around the waist, place measuring tape around the area with two fingers space between the body (skin) and the tape. Do not leave the tape to drop or make it too tight. It should be free enough to rotate and tight enough that it does not fall down the position.

What will I do if I don't have a tape measure?

  • You can make one out from strips of paper that are taped together.  Use a ruler to make graduation marks on the paper. 
  • Or, you can use a rope to mark the length of the one you want to measure.  Then use a ruler to measure its length from end to end.


How can I check if a rental costume can fit me?

We encourage you to use the size guide to verify fit, specially during this time of COVID. Measurements shown are of the actual costume.  Your body should measure less.  Some costumes though can stretch so you can also call us to verify fit.  If you still need to check and fit the costume, then we can arrange for an appointment.

If you don't have a costume that I want, can you make one for me but I will just rent it?

If the costume that you need is popular and we want to add it in our rental collections, we can make a new one for you to rent.  We can discuss and agree on the design details. Rental fee in this case is above the normal rate. 

What is your cut-off time in returning rented costumes?

If you are supposed to return the costume today, then cut-off time is by end of the business hours.  If you are late, then surcharge will apply.

    Can I rent a costume without going to your shop?

    Yes, that is the goal of our enhanced website where you can search costumes via your phone or computer.  We encourage you to search for your costumes there and verify fit using the size guide. Many customers are good with that arrangement (and pay online to reserve). Costumes can then be picked up personally or via Grab/Lalamove. But, if you really need to see the costume, we can arrange to meet at the shop by.  Return of costumes can also be arranged via couriers.

    Refund Policy

    Please give us 1-2 days to verify the returned items and refund the deposit. We will notify you via text, viber or fb message once refund is done.