Rental Agreement



  • Payment of the rental fee shall officially reserve the costume for the requested period. SLCC cannot guarantee availability of costumes on verbal reservations only.
  • In case of non-availability of the costume due to damage, loss, or non-return before the event rental period, the customer shall not hold SLCC liable. SLCC will give the costumer the option for a full refund or a replacement costume.


  • Security Deposit shall be refunded upon my return of the item in good condition. Any damage to the item shall be assessed and billed to costumer accordingly. If said item is severely damaged (e.g., torn, soiled, stained, etc). Cost of the damage will be applied to the security deposit. If it is not enough to cover the cost, the costumer will be billed for the difference.


  • A paid reservation can be canceled prior to pickup date for a fee:
    • A service fee of THREE HUNDRED PESOS (P300) per costume shall apply if cancellation is made ELEVEN (11) days or more before the event.
    • A cancellation fee of FIFTY PERCENT (50%) shall apply on the rental fee if cancellation is made TEN (10) days or less before the event,
  • Cancellation is allowed after receipt of item only if due to unfortuitous events such as typhoon, etc. in which case the rental period can be rescheduled. If the item is not available, another costume can be rented its place.


  • The customer is responsible to return the costume on time and in good condition. Customer is aware that a renter may have reservation for the same costume the following day.
  • In case of delayed return which is defined as “returns after office hours on scheduled return date.” A late surcharge fee (per night) shall be billed. It will be deducted from the refundable security deposit. If the security deposit is not enough to cover the fee, the costumer agrees to pay the difference.
  • In case when there is a renter the following day, and the renter fails to receive the costume on time due to the late return of the costume, the costumer may be liable to pay damages to the renter amounting to the rental cost.

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