Rental Agreement


The customer understands that the costume can be rented consecutively by different customers. Thus, it is possible (but seldom happens) that the costume may not be available on pickup date due to Damage, Loss or Late Return caused by the previous renter (and through no fault of SLCC). If it occurs then SLCC shall give the customer the option for a full refund or a choice of a replacement costume. To avoid scheduling conflict with the next renter, the customer should return the costume on time or notify SLCC of late return the soonest time. This will give ample time for SLCC to coordinate with both parties and find an amicable solution.


  1. Additional fees, if any, will be deducted from the security deposit. If the security deposit is not enough to cover for the additional fees, the customer agrees to pay for the difference.
  2. Condition of costume will be inspected upon return. Any damage (e.g., torn, soiled, stained, etc) outside of reasonable wear and tear will be assessed a damage fee.
  3. Costume returned after rental period will be assessed with a surcharge fee. Late return is defined as returns after office hours on scheduled return date. Surcharge Fee = (surcharge rate) x (number of nights over rental period). Amount of refund will be computed and returned in cash or via bank/ewallet within 1-3 days. Refund = (security deposit) - (surcharge and/or damage fee). 
  4. Cancellation of the rental reservation prior to the event is allowed, but with a service or cancellation fee .A Service Fee of THREE HUNDRED PESOS (P300) per costume shall apply if cancellation is made ELEVEN (11) days or more before pickup date. A Cancellation Fee of FIFTY PERCENT (50%) shall apply on the rental fee if cancellation is made TEN (10) days or less before pickup date.
  5. Cancellation of the rental use after pickup of the item is not allowed except due to unfortuitous events such as typhoon, calamity, etc., in which case the rental period can be rescheduled. Costume should be returned immediately to SLCC. Keep in mind that there may be another renter after you.

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