Size Guide

Measurements in the guides are in inches. Compare your size (without allowances or ease) with those shown. If infant, measure with diaper on.  When measuring circumference, like around the waist, place measuring tape around the area with two fingers space between the body (skin) and the tape. Do not leave the tape to drop or make it too tight. It should be free enough to rotate and tight enough that it does not fall down the position.  If the chosen costume does not fit, then call us for made to order size (for sale).  Click here for a full body diagram.
  • Rental Size Guide 
    • For costumes with stretchable fabric, the measurement shown for chest, waist, or hips are those of the maximum stretched size.  Relaxed fit is a couple of inches shorter.
  • Race Car Driver, Astronaut, Air Force Size Guide  
    • For best fit, add an allowance of at least 2-3 inches for Chest, Waist, Hips, Body Loop and Shoulder to Ankle.  For example, if a 10yo's  actual waistline is 27 inches, then clothes size should be at 29 to 30 inches.  If 1yo's waistline is 20 inches, at least a 2 inches allowance is okay.
      • Body Loop is measured starting from the point where the neck meets the shoulder, down between the legs and up back to the starting point. It should form a "loop" or circle.
      • Shoulder to Ankle starts from the highest point of the shoulder (where it meets the neck), down to the ankle.
  • Pilot size Guide